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Lahore – Your Complete Street Food Guide

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Lahore is one of Pakistan’s most fascinating cities, and a World-Class Haven of Street Food. This Ultimate Guide to Street Food in Lahore includes all the details on how to get the best and biggest tastes of this amazing city. Right now, I’m going to give you a plan for an incredible day of all-out […]

Amazing Nasi Padang in Jakarta at Rumah Makan Surya

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The first time you eat Nasi Padang, especially if you love powerful spices and flavors, will be an incredibly memorable experience (possibly life changing). I remember my first time eating Nasi Padang, back in 2009 when I visited Sumatra; It immediately became one of my favorite meal types. In Jakarta, there are hundred, maybe thousands of […]

Wantan Mee in Penang at Lebuh Acheh Wantan Mee

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Wantan Mee in Penang at Lebuh Acheh Wantan Mee By Mark Wiens22 Comments Wantan mee at Lebuh Acheh Wantan Mee, Penang, Malaysia Malaysian style kon lou wantan mee is typically a dish of egg noodles in a black sauce, topped with dumplings, slices of char siu, and boiled choi sum. When I was in Penang, […]